Brake Services

Brake pads and shoes wear out. Some cars have wear indicators that tell you when they need replacing.  It could be a light on the dash or it might just be a screeching sound. Many cars don’t give any warning though.  Put off getting your brakes inspected and you could find it takes a long distance to bring your car to a stop!

Other signs of brake problems are judder, pulling to one side and a soft or spongy pedal. Judder, (you’ll feel it through the steering,) often means the rotors have worn unevenly.  In some cases, these can be resurfaced or turned, but most often, just replaced.

There are several reasons for your car to pull to one side when you brake. Possible causes include uneven wear, something sticking in the system or air in the brake fluid.

Air is a common problem when the fluid isn’t changed every couple of years. Over time it can absorb water, which the heat of braking turns to vapor. That leads to bubbles which give that spongy feeling when you apply the brakes.  Go too long between brake fluid changes and the moisture causes corrosion that can lead to complete brake failure.

At FrankLynn Automotive we provide a range of brake services.  These include:

  • Inspect brake pads and shoes, and replace as necessary
  • Remove and replace brake rotors
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Parking/emergency brake check
  • Fix squeals

Brakes are the most important component of your car.  Any time you think they’re not working they way they should, bring the vehicle in to us for a check up.  If you’ve brought your car in to us for some other work and we notice a brake problem we’ll discuss it with you right away.  Don’t take chances with brakes!

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