5 Tire Tips To Remember

Likely you know all about the air pressure needed in your tires and even how to change a tire when needed, but most people don’t know much about tires past those basic things. Tire knowledge is critical as your vehicle’s tires play an important role in your safety.

We sat down with our team to discuss what things you should keep in mind regarding your vehicle’s tires. Here, we will discuss 5 important tire tips, which are given below;

Recognize Warning Signs

If you are observant while driving, you can detect a lot of things, like if there is a problem with your vehicle’s tires. You may hear new noises, or feel new vibrations, or maybe the car isn’t steering correctly. Sometimes these warning signs are most evident while driving on rough roads. If you experience anything out of the norm, you should contact us as soon as possible and we can inspect your vehicle and its tires. Be vigilant while driving and you will detect warning signs before they become big issues or put your safety at risk.

Don’t Overload Your Tires

Every vehicle comes with instructions on how much load it can carry without compromising safety. These guidelines should always be followed, especially when the tires are older, as loading up your vehicle beyond the recommended guidelines can put your vehicle’s tires, frame, and suspension at risk.

Regularly Inspect Your Tires

You can observe most problems with your vehicle’s tires by simply looking at them closely. You can easily spot bulges, punctures, and sharp objects that have damaged your tires by visually inspecting them on a regular basis. A visual inspection will also help you notice low air pressure.

If you are unaware of how to measure air pressure and don’t know the optimal pressure for your car tires, we’d be happy to show you the next time you have your vehicle in the shop.

Never Skip Routine Tire Maintenance

In order to keep your vehicle’s tires running right year-round, routine maintenance is necessary. Tire rotations should be done regularly to ensure you get the most life out of your tires as front tires will wear out quicker than back tires. Not rotating your tires can create an imbalanced grip on the road.

Ensuring proper wheel alignment is also critical to getting the best performance out of your tires and vehicle.

Purchase New Tires Sooner Rather Than Later

Though purchasing new tires may not be the most exciting thing to spend your hard-earned money on, it is imperative for your safety and the safety of others that you have a solid set of tires on your vehicle.

According to National Highway Traffic Security, you should be changing the tires on your vehicle every six years, but it may vary depending on weather and road conditions, and vehicle usage.

Our team is always here to help if you need any advice regarding tire tips, whether it is about air pressure, rotations, or you want to replace your tires. Give us a call any time as we are happy to help!

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