Fuel System Service

Your car isn’t going anywhere without gas. Modern fuel systems are complex and there are many reasons why an engine might run badly or not at all. If your engine displays any of the following symptoms there could be a problem with the fuel system:

  • Poor driveablility (hesitation when accelerating being the most common.)
  • Down on power.
  • Uneven or lumpy idle.
  • Not starting (but turns over eagerly when cranked.)
  • Check Engine light on.

All modern engines use fuel injection. (Carburetors went away as emissions standards began rising in the 1970’s.)  In fuel injection an injector sprays a precisely metered quantity of gasoline into the intake air. (The newest engines have the injectors spray directly into each cylinder.)  This mixture of gas and air burns evenly in the combustion chamber to provide the power.

Gasoline is delivered to the fuel injectors by an electric pump in the tank, and passes through a filter on the way.  A pressure regulator holds the gasoline at high pressure so when the injector opens it produces a fine mist.  The pump supplies more gas than the injectors need, and the excess is returned to the tank.

Fuel system problems may be caused by a blocked filter, dirty injectors, a failing pump or a faulty pressure regulator.  If the engine runs rich (too much gas,) or lean (not enough,) the Check Engine light will probably come on.

We’re very experienced at diagnosing and solving fuel system problems here at FrankLynn Automotive. Sometimes it’s as simple as running some BG Products cleaning fluid through the system.  Other times it can be more complicated.  If you’re concerned about the way your engine is running bring the vehicle to us. We’ll investigate, explain the cause and put it right.

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