Brake Services

Brake pads and shoes wear out. Some cars have wear indicators that tell you when they need replacing. It could be a light on the dash, or it might just be a screeching sound. Many cars don’t give any warning though. Put off getting your brakes inspected and you could find it takes a long distance to bring your car to a stop! Franklynn Automotive located in Littleton, CO offers quality brake repair services.

Brake Repair & Service
At Franklynn Automotive we provide a range of brake services including:
  • Inspect brake pads and shoes and replace as necessary.
  • Remove and replace brake rotors.
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Parking/emergency brake check.
  • Fix squeals.
  • Brakes are the most vital component of your car. Any time you think they’re not working the way they should, bring the vehicle in to us for a check-up.  If you’ve brought your car in to us for some other work and we notice a brake problem, we’ll discuss it with you right away. If you need brake repair services in Littleton, CO, Don’t take chances with brakes, call us today!

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