Car Diagnostic

Unsure what is causing your vehicle to have issues? Or what a check engine light means? Or did an auto parts store pull a code for you but you’re not sure what to do? No worries – we are here to help! Franklynn Automotive located in Littleton, CO offers car diagnostic on most makes and models.

A lot of busy drivers don’t think much about their car’s mechanical systems except for filling it up with gas, changing the oil or replacing the brakes every few years. Even though these tasks are very important for regular car maintenance, your car does much more under the hood. The onboard computers in modern cars constantly monitor their performance and can actually adjust the vehicle undetected as you drive. We specialize in vehicle computer diagnostics. To accurately diagnose computer systems and repair your car, we have invested heavily in both sophisticated diagnostic tools and extensive training.

Bring your vehicle into our shop and we’ll identify and fix any issues ailing your vehicle. We use the same diagnostic tools that the dealerships do, and our technicians will do a thorough examination, using a computer to analyze your vehicle. After we’ve determined what’s causing the issue, we will go over the issues with you in detail and provide you with an estimate for any repairs needed. The decision to move forward with the repairs will be yours. Call today to schedule your car diagnostic.

Car Diagnostic
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