Car Maintenance

Do you know all the service intervals that your vehicles manufacturer suggests? We can appreciate if you are unsure of all your vehicles’ requirements or how frequently you should have it serviced. That’s why we are here! Franklynn Automotive located in Littleton, CO offers car maintenance services.

You can prevent major repairs and expenses by performing preventative maintenance on your vehicle. Franklynn Automotive provides complete preventative maintenance, including all the parts and expertise you need to avoid big problems. We offer an extensive selection of the fluids, oils, filters, and belts your vehicle needs to run smoothly and efficiently.

Every time you visit Franklynn Automotive, we will assess your vehicles service requirements. Is your Toyota’s transmission in need of service? Is a tune-up for your Honda due? We have all the modern technology that manufacturers & dealerships use to know when & what your vehicle needs.

Ready to schedule some preventative maintenance on your vehicle? Give us a call.

Car Maintenance
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