Oil Changes & Fluids

The oil in your engine never stops working. Even when your vehicle is parked the oil stays active. By coating every metal surface, it prevents corrosion and metal-to-metal contact. That minimizes wear, reduces friction, and ensures long engine life. But over time the oil wears out and needs replacing. Franklynn Automotive located in Littleton, CO offers auto oil and filter changing services.

Regular oil and filter changes help prolong the life of your engine. When worn-out lubricant is drained from your engine it carries grit and dirt with it. An additional flushing or cleaning process helps remove any stubborn deposits. When the engine internals are clean, it’s important to refill with a quality oil.

At Franklynn Automotive, we use conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend engine oils to suit every vehicle and type of driving. Whether you do long highway journeys or frequent short trips across town, we have the oil for your vehicle. We also use BG supplements, like those in the video below, formulated specially for high mileage vehicles.

When to change your oil is something else, we’re happy to advise on. Many people don’t realize that short journeys are especially hard on engine oil. If you don’t drive many miles, or it’s all stop-start journeys, your oil may need changing more often than you realize. Ask what we recommend.

Oil isn’t the only fluid that needs changing regularly. Coolant, brake, and transmission fluid should all be replaced at regular intervals. If you need auto oil change and filter replacement services in Littleton, CO, give us a call and ask us what’s right for your car – we’re happy to help!

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