Power Steering Repair

Have you ever noticed that your steering wheel becomes very difficult to turn after you turn off your vehicle? This is due to the fact that the steering in the majority of current cars is aided by a precisely calibrated pressure system that offers drivers more control. It can be very challenging to drive your automobile securely when the power steering isn’t working properly. We offer quality power steering repair services at Franklynn Automotive in Littleton, CO.

Power Steering Repair
Your vehicle’s power steering pump is driven by a belt that is either manually or electronically operated. This pump forces steering fluid into the steering gear, enabling you to steer with ease and responsiveness while you’re on the road. But with time, this fluid may become tainted and ineffective.
Signs of power steering issues include:
  • Stiff or heavy steering wheel.
  • Squealing noises the steering wheel turns.
  • Vibration of the steering wheel.
  • Erratic steering.
  • Our team is ready to assess your power steering system and if necessary to perform a power steering fluid flush to clean it out and restore it to functionality. We proudly use BG power steering fluid and power steering system cleaners for these procedures. If there is another, more serious problem with your power steering belt or pump, our team can provide you with repair options for that as well. If you need power steering repair services in Littleton, CO. Give us a call to learn more!

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