What Windshield Wiper Fluid Should I Use?

What Windshield Wiper Fluid Should I Use?

In addition to the major things needed to maintain your vehicle, there are many little things that are just as important as they affect your daily driving – like windshield wiper fluid. Did you know there are a few types of windshield wiper fluid? Here they are…

Classic Blue Wiper Fluid

Everyone knows the classic blue wiper fluid, as it is the most common fluid out there, and you can find it at almost any gas station or grocery store. It is a pretty solid option as an all-season fluid but be mindful of the temperature range listed on the container if you live somewhere with extreme temperatures. Also, you may have to hand scrub or spray it more than once to clear bugs and debris from your vehicle’s windshield as it is not the best cleaner option.

Bug Repellent Wiper Fluid

The problem with using normal wiper fluids is that after the cleaning, bugs and debris create more mess than before as they stick to the wet surface. If you live in an area with lots of bugs, or are going on a long road trip, it is wise to use a wiper fluid that has bug repellent ingredients.

Water Repellent Wiper Fluid

If you live in an area that gets lots of regular heavy rainfall – this is the wiper fluid for you! Water-repellent wiper fluid creates a slippery surface that water moves down as soon as it lands on the window. Thus, it allows for better vision and prevents accidents.

Antifreeze Wiper Fluid

If you face colder temperatures during your drives, it’s best to use wiper fluid that contains antifreeze as it will keep water from freezing on your vehicles window. Most manufacturers of these types of wiper fluids mention the temperatures at which these fluids work best on containers, so be sure to check that out before purchasing this type of wiper fluid.

Concentrated Formula Fluid

This is not a ready-made wiper fluid that you can put straight into your vehicle’s wiper fluid reservoir, as it needs the addition of an appropriate amount of water before you can use it. The advantage of this fluid is that you can carry it around in a small container, and whenever there is a need, you can prepare wiper fluid from it and use it for cleaning.

We hope this helps explain the different types of wiper fluids out there, but if you still have any confusion about which type of wiper fluid is best for you and your vehicle, please give us a call or pay a visit. Our team is happy to recommend the best-suited wiper fluid for you!

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