What’s The Deal with Brake Fluid?

The only thing stopping you from striking another vehicle or an object is your brakes, and without adequate brake fluid, you won’t be able to stop your vehicle when needed. Thus, it is crucial to you and your passenger’s safety, and the safety of others.

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This is a type of hydraulic fluid used in your vehicle’s braking system, which transfers the fluid energy into mechanical energy when you push the brake pedal. Since it is a fluid, it can evaporate and/or get dirty, thus it needs to be replaced at regular intervals to ensure your vehicle’s brakes don’t fail.

Why Is Brake Fluid Essential?

It is essential in the car for two significant reasons:

1. It Stops the Vehicle

Brake fluid transfers the push force you apply to the brake pedal into mechanical energy on pistons via the brake lines. The pistons then put a force on the brake caliper which slows down and eventually stops the movement of your vehicle.

2. Prevention of Rust and Corrosion

It lubricates the brake system’s moving parts and absorbs moisture in the brake system. This prevents the development of rust or corrosion and keeps the bake systems performing optimally.

Are There Different Types of Brake Fluid?

There are several different types of braking fluid, including DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5, and DOT 5.1. Except for the DOT 5 type, all others contain glycol and can absorb water to keep systems from rusting.

DOT 5 uses a silicone material that cannot absorb much water. Classic and vintage vehicles use this type of fluid. In addition, various additives can also be added to the fluid to increase its features and performance.

Which Brake Fluid Does My Vehicle Need?

Choosing the brake fluid for your car depends on the car’s model, as different cars use different types of braking fluids. You can refer to the car manual for determining the best braking fluid for your personal vehicle or you can ask one of our experts.

How Do I Check the Braking Fluid in My Vehicle?

First, it is essential to know that braking fluid can be dangerous to touch and should be handled with care by experts who are professionally trained. Your vehicle’s braking fluid is stored in your vehicle’s master brake fluid reservoir, and it can be checked and replaced from there with a proper set of tools and training.


Now that you know about brake fluid, why it’s essential, and the different types, you can make sure to ask your mechanic to be sure to check and replace your vehicle’s fluid when needed. If you’re not sure if your vehicle needs new fluid, call our team we’d be happy to help: 303-730-4137

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