Engine Repair

Engines have become amazingly reliable and long-lasting, but problems still occur. Sometimes an engine will run rough or be reluctant to start. It might hesitate or misfire when under load. Perhaps it’s dripping oil. In extreme cases you might see white or black smoke from the exhaust. And then there’s that “Check Engine” light that can come on for a host of reasons. Franklynn Automotive located in Littleton, CO offers engine repair services.

engine repair

At FrankLynn Automotive our technicians are skilled at resolving engine problems.

Whether it’s as simple as replacing a sensor or as complex as a full engine replacement, they have the knowledge and experience needed. Here’s a sampling of our engine repair services:

  • Diagnosis. Computerized equipment talks to the computers in your car to find out what’s going on. Sensors (such as an O2 sensor) tell us how well the engine is running and exhaust monitors check what’s coming out of the tailpipe.
  • Servicing/tune-up. Modern engines still need regular maintenance. Filters and spark plugs need changing, parts need cleaning, and yes, we’ll change the oil too.
  • Leak repair. We have equipment for tracing leaks back to their source, and that lets us make the repairs needed quickly and effectively.
  • Belt replacement. The rubber belts driving the alternator, power steering pump and so on need replacing periodically to avoid failure. Newer engines often have a serpentine belt that does the same job but is harder to reach. Some engines also have a timing belt that turns the camshaft. Forget to replace this at the recommended frequency and you risk some very expensive repairs!
  • Auxiliary replacement. Water pumps, alternators and power steering pumps all wear out. Fitting the correct replacement helps ensure a long life for your engine.
  • When your engine runs badly or not at all, it saps the enjoyment from driving your car. Our technicians are experts at figuring out what’s going wrong and bringing engines back to peak efficiency. When you need engine repair work in Littleton, CO, call us as we’d be happy to help!

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